Memorable Day of my Trip

My time in Kenya has been so rewarding that I feel I have to share the wonderful things volunteers are doing in this country. There is always much on their plates and never enough time to complete all the necessary projects. I have spent years worrying about clean water and conservation of resources and now I am off on another tangent. It is not that I am abandoning my early concerns but that I have some new issues to solve. Hunger and healthcare, especially in regard to children, is always a target. It is certainly not limited to Kenya, but it is where I have chosen to focus. Funding is always difficult and I can’t spend too much time in this regard. We depend on the kindness of strangers as they say. We enjoy crowdfunding and any other way we can garner support. I have written petitions and given talks at various groups and business association. I want to get more attention to these vital matters.

My last trip was not too long but a lot happened in the course of a few days. I was set on distributing and assembling some sports equipment to the local children in one particular area. These kids are in dire need of so many things and exercise and having fun is one of them. They certainly need a respite from a tough life. I wanted to uplift their spirits on a regular basis. The donated items would remain in the designated villages.

It is all about youth soccer these days in the western world. So why not in developing countries. It is already popular there, and it is a matter of getting new teams started. They will serve as models for other regions. In fact, I hope to eventually create a real league across many miles. I am supremely grateful to a couple of major sports gear companies for caring enough to send a great deal of equipment. If I had gotten it back home, it would have been prohibited to ship. Now it is there in Kenya ready to be used by awaiting young. The first matter at hand when I arrived was to survey the boxes and get help in unloading what I needed the most. The rest would be dealt with later. There was some limited assembly for a few things like the portable goals for youth soccer that we’d bought with us. These necessary items would be transportable to various on-the-road games.

We had enough soccer balls, knee pads, shoes, shorts, and shirts for every size child. I boned up on the rules of the game and caught up with the top world teams. Soccer overall is a very patriotic realm, particularly in some countries like Spain, Argentina, Italy, Germany, France, and Mexico. When playoff times come it is sheer mania. Let me point out a tidbit at this moment. Soccer is called football in most places other than the U.S.

The kids love the game and learning new techniques and skills. It fosters great camaraderie and personal pride.