A Successful Petition!

Petitions are the new way to make your voice heard and gather like-minded people to a cause. It is all about publicity and spreading the word. You can start one online and get visitors to your page to sign up and/or donate money. Together, all the followers will hopefully create some real clout. You can do anything from electing a political candidate to stopping a project that will result in harm to a community such as demolishing a school, or you can, like me, undertake Communities Taking Action for Nature Conservation. This is my organization. I have worked in Kenya, for example, to promote clean water. The power of pressure is understated. We need to be heard. Join me in reaching out to needy areas of the world; there is much to be done and it can be achieved on an individual, grass roots level. It is very gratifying when you win.

A petition can be done by hand as an alternative. You have no doubt had people come to your door with a specific request for the town officials. This works well in small communities where there are fewer people involved and there is no need for Internet visibility. For example, I go to the park regularly, especially in nice weather, to walk the dog or enjoy the scenery. I like to sit on a bench and have lunch. I enjoy watching the children playing. I am surprised when they are sitting around looking idle. Kids should have more energy. They seem bored with nothing to do. I guess their parents made them leave the cell phones at home. Could it be as simple as that?

I asked them what they would prefer to do: play softball, have a jungle gym, dig in a sandbox (for the younger ones), or practice with an in ground basketball hoop like the ones at https://www.ballersguide.net/best-in-ground-basketball-hoop-reviews. At the mention of the latter, I got some loud cheers. Now I knew what I had to do. I would talk to the parents and neighbors, and local merchants, and start a manual petition. I could circulate it until I got enough signatures. I would then present the names in sufficient numbers to get the town council to put in the needed sports equipment. It isn’t expensive, but I do think it should be permanent. The portable hoops are a bit unstable. As the ball hits the rim, the pole wobbles. It doesn’t seem safe to me. Maybe it’s okay at the beach.

I presented the petition in person so I could add a few words. It took time to reach the relevant person, but when I did, he listened. He seemed immediately sympathetic. He praised me for noticing the need on the playground and wanted to get approval as fast as he could. In just a week, the kids had the new in ground hoop and I donated two basketballs. I was so pleased that it was a successful petition. Now what can I do next?